Day: January 23, 2019

CWI Prep Courses MN and TX

Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Exam Prep Courses Offered in Texas and Minnesota

(Baxter, MN) The interest and talent entering into trades have dropped in the past decade at alarming rates. Mechanics, welders, plumbers and more are now in more demand than ever before and the numbers are dwindling.

To help encourage more people to invest their time and energy into these trades, the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing, LLC offers quality training and exam prep courses to help ensure students have the best chance of success possible. Now, the company is proud to welcome John Pariseau to the AINDT team as the Director of Curriculum Development and the instructor for all AWS related Prep courses.

“Our CWI Exam Prep Course starts with a 60-hour online course that students are able to move through at their own pace,” stated American Institute of Nondestructive Testing, LLC spokesperson Don Booth. “The online part of the CWI exam prep course covers the fundamentals of welding technology, which was established by the American Welding Society as well as in-depth training in the navigation of welding codes. This in-depth training into the welding code part of the exam is based on the code selected for a students AWS exam, AWS D1.1 or API 1104. The training coincides with Part A and C of the CWI Exam.”

“The remaining 40 hours of your exam prep course takes place in either Houston, Texas or our Baxter, MN facility,” continued Booth. “This part of your training consists of extensive, practical hands-on visual inspection techniques that meet the specification of the NEW Part B of the CWI exam, in addition to extra lectures, study preparation, as well as practice exams covering welding fundaments and codebook portions of the exam.”

After the online training is complete, students are given the opportunity to take the AWS CWI exam at the training facility on Saturday directly after completing the CWI Exam Prep Course.

More information about the courses offered, as well as the new staff member can be found by visiting the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing, LLC website.


Dedicated to providing high-quality online and hands-on training for individuals and companies, the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing, LLC is continuing to enhance their services and offerings.

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Improving Inspection Processes with Wireless Technology, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning

In August of 2018, TechKnowServ approached Workpad LLC to investigate possible solutions for an automated pipe wall thickness data collection and analysis system. TechKnowServ has a number of customers who utilize a diverse selection of pipe components in the field, including elbows, tees, and connectors used to pump drilling fluid at elevated pressures. These components have a limited working life, and are inspected both when new and at regular intervals for wall thickness, corrosion, and defects.

The current method of using ultrasonic thickness gauges in the field resulted in many inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the data generated by the field inspectors. Transferring data manually with memory cards to a stand-alone computer was slow, and offered no ability to securely store data and analyze at scale.

TechKnowServ endeavored to build an integrated inspection, data collection, and analysis system which could improve the efficiency of this process and create a repository of useful data which could provide not only a history of individual parts, but also predict expected service life of components. The goal was to enable customers to predict the service life of parts and assemblies segmented by manufacturer, part geometry, operating environment, and other factors.

Download the case study and learn how Workpad implemented an automated system with machine learning capabilities to improve the process and accurately predict in-service lifetimes of piping components.

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