Information for owners

If You are the copyright holder of any material available including the link posted on this site, and would not like to have this information spread by users without Your consent, we are ready to assist You by closing the appropriate links.

This requires that You send us a letter (in electronic form) stating the following information:

1. Documentary proof of Your rights to material protected by copyright: an electronic copy of the document with the seal, complete contact information that uniquely identifies you as the owner of the material.

2. The text that You wish to place, accompanied by close information. In it You can specify where, and on what terms you can get information, links to which were closed, as well as Your contact details, in order to allow users to obtain from You all the information regarding this material.

3. Direct links to pages that contain objects that must be closed.

Your request should be sent via the feedback form or email

Then, within 1-5 days, we will answer You.